A New Year’s Resolution List for Your HVAC in 2020

A New Year is right around the corner! HVAC maintenance isn’t something often that shows up on people’s resolution list. However, these energy-saving tips can save you hundreds of dollars every year, increase your level of home comfort, and decrease the risk of rundowns you have to deal with. Sometimes, a little resolve can go a long way.


Step 1: Change your air filter

One of the easiest and simplest ways to save up to fifteen percent on your home’s monthly energy consumption is to replace air filters. A clogged air filter will negatively impact the efficiency of your furnace or air conditioning unit, and by extension increase your monthly energy bill. Keeping your system running smoothly will lower costs and stave away the need for repairs. Bottom line: fixing or replacing a unit is much more costly than maintaining it.


Step 2: Get an annual tune-up

Not many people seem to particularly enjoy visiting the dentist, but the hatred of cavities is unanimous. Scheduling a yearly tune-up for your HVAC system may seem burdensome, however, the return of investment is an extended lifespan of heightened productivity for your entire HVAC system. This will reflect in your energy bill every year. Spring and/or summer are considered ideal times for tune-ups; but keep in mind winter and fall can be an excellent time as well due to the general decrease in clientele traffic.


Step 3: Invest in Air Purification

Air purification systems are like the watchdogs of your home’s air, with a two-fold benefit. First, air purification systems remove allergens, particles, mold, dust, dander, etc from the air, giving you a clean breathing environment. Additionally, by trapping particles in the air, air purification systems help your HVAC run smoother for a longer period due to the decrease in dust and particle intake. In the end, everyone wins.


Step 4: Consider a Smart Thermostat

Some upgrades aren’t worth the money. A smart thermostat is. Benefits include the ability to program your home temperature remotely at any time, an adaptable system which learns your preferences, tracking which allows for money-saving adjustments based on aggregated data, the capacity to program the temperature of rooms individually, vacation mode, etc. Ultimately, this system will lower energy costs and improve your home environment.


Step 5: Be mindful of upgrades

Eventually, every HVAC piece of equipment will need replacing. Whether you are preparing to replace your furnace, air conditioning units, insulation or ducts within one year or five, it is an excellent idea to do your research and know exactly what you’re looking for. This will help you establish goals and expectations, design a budget, and end up with the idyllic replacement. Things to consider may include the size of your home, which brands are rated as most trustworthy, how much you hope to save on energy bills each month, etc.


At the end of your 2020, you can look back and see how one or all of these suggestions benefitted your budget and home experience throughout the year.

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