Duct Replacement

When you need duct replacement services in and around the San Antonio, TX area, turn to us at Climate Control — and let us take control of your ductwork so it can serve you better than ever before. Forced-air heating and air conditioning systems work by blowing heated or cooled air through an often-complex system of ducts. A single failed or failing duct can sabotage the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire system. With our duct replacement services you can have your ducts completely replaced or repaired so that they function optimally again.

Trust The Professionals

With over 55 years of experience meeting home and commercial HVAC needs, we’re your best choice in duct replacement and related services. There’s no more important component of your HVAC system than the ductwork. Leaving its repair and replacement to trained professionals just makes sense. We’ve seen it all and are familiar with just about every possible ductwork configuration. Through the years, we’ve acquired the tools and expertise to build out, install and repair all sort of ducting. We’re truly the best in the business and that means you get the highest quality workmanship possible. Ductwork services include: – duct installation – duct repair – duct rerouting – duct sealing – and more.

Leave It To Us

Essentially, duct work is insulated tubing that needs to be flexible enough to fit anywhere and rigid enough to hold its shape for years. Since some spaces are easier to access than others, some sections of ductwork are easier to install, repair or replace than others. What’s best for your unique situation? Leave the details to our experts for the very best results. Ductwork can be intimidating to deal with because of all the hangers, clamps, elbows, crimping and other details involved. Frankly, it’s too much for inexperienced companies to handle. Plus, additions and structural changes to a building often require rerouting of ducts and creative solutions for nonstandard spaces. It makes sense to choose an experienced team when you need your ducting changed or improved.

Simply put, breaks, leaks and mistakes in your ductwork cost you money today and for years to come. So, please contact us at Climate Control and let us get the job done right for you. We are professionals you can count on for duct replacement and so much more. Climate Control has been confidently serving San Antonio for over two decades, and we look forward to serving you.


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